Paper Composition Will Be Like This: This Time Practice Of Competency-Focused Questions Increased In the Board Exam.

Paper Composition Will Be Like This: This Time Practice Of Competency-Focused Questions Increased In the Board Exam.

Chandigarh Cbse Has Released The Sample Papers Of 10th And 12th Board Exam On Its Website. According To The Pattern Of Papers, Students Appearing In Board Exams In The Year 2024 Will Now Have To Practice Competency-Focused Questions. These Questions Are Designed In Such A Way That They Have The Essence Of Real-Life Applications.

These Questions Have Been Designed To Encourage Students To Practice Learning Instead Of Rote Learning And Memorizing Theoretical Concepts. Nep 2020 Is In Line With The Government Of India’s Initiative To Transform The Education System In India And Enhance It In Line With The Needs Of Future Generations.

First Term Exams Are Currently Going On In Schools, But According To The Syllabus That Has Been Completed, Students Are Being Made To Practice By Downloading Sample Papers, So That Students Can Give Excellent performances in The Board Exams. At The Same Time, Preparation Is Done For The Students Of Classes 9th And 11TH According To The Same Pattern.

Work Is Being Done As Per Nep In Science And Maths… Principal Of Gmsss-35 Davinder Singh Said That Recently Additional Practice Papers Have Been Uploaded By Cbse. As Students Are Covering Their Syllabus, They Are Being Made To Practice On Sample Papers. Sanjay Kumar, Tgt Science In Gmhs-49, Said That We Are Already Working As Per The National Education Policy 2020 In Science And Maths Schools Of Chandigarh. If It Is Explained To Students By Giving Real Life Examples, They Understand It Better.

Earlier We Often Used To Think about why Are Algebra And Maths Taught and where Are They Useful. But Now We Explain It To The Students By Giving Examples In Real Life And The Same Questions Are Also Asked In The Exam. Similarly, In Gmsss-8, Pgt Physics Paramjit Singh Said That Earlier Also In Physics, Application, And Understanding Based Questions Were Asked, This Time 40% Importance Has Been Given To Such Questions.

Composition Of Question Paper In Year End Exam For 9th-10th Class, Board Exam Theory… {50% Will Be In The Form Of Mcq, Case-Based, Source Based Integrated Questions, Competency Based Questions {20% Will Be Select Response Type I.E. Mcq {Rest 30% Will Be Short Answer/Long Answer Questions As Per The Existing Pattern. In The Year End Exam For Class 11th-12th, The Question Paper Will Be Composition/Board Exam Theory {Mcq, Case-Based, Source, And 40% Will Be Competency In The Form Of Integrated Questions. Question {20% Select Response Type I.E. Mcq {Remaining 40% According To The Existing Pattern Short Answer/Long Answer Question {How Many Runs Was Scored By Which Player In A Cricket Match… In Statistics, Students Were Asked To Explain It Through A Graph Will Go.

A Situation Will Be Given That The Children Have Gone Somewhere, Is The Temperature There Low Or High? By Giving An Example In The Science Subject, It Is Understood That As You Increase In Height, The Pressure Oxygen Level Will Decrease. {When We Jump From A Height, A Parabolic Path Is Formed… In The Algebra Of Mathematics, Parabola Is A Curve Which Is A Graphical Representation Of A Quadratic Equation.

Source Based Questions… {In English, Especially In These, An Attempt Is Made To Understand The Logic By Giving Force And Reason In A Situation. In This, The Reasoning Skills Of The Students Are Tested. {Double Co-Incidence Of Wants.. The Phenomenon When The Desires Of Both Buyer And Seller Are Fulfilled Simultaneously In The Process Of Exchange Of Mutually Received Goods Is Called Double Co-Incidence Of Wants. In Economics Subject, Questions Can Be Asked By Giving Such A Situation.

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