Haul It Yourself: Your Complete Guide to The Home Depot Truck Rental

Haul It Yourself: Your Complete Guide to The Home Depot Truck Rental

Moving or tackling a big home improvement project often requires a vehicle larger than your personal car. That’s where Home Depot truck rental comes in. They offer a convenient option to rent a truck for the day or weekend, allowing you to transport large items or multiple loads with ease.

Home Depot Truck Rental Options

There are two main options for renting a truck at Home Depot:

  • Load ‘N Go Trucks: This is Home Depot’s own brand of rental trucks. They come in pickup truck and cargo van configurations, perfect for hauling tools, furniture, appliances, or building supplies. Load ‘N Go rentals are known for their:
    • Simple pricing: Pay a flat fee for the rental period, with unlimited mileage.
    • Short-term rentals: They even offer a 75-minute rental option for quick trips.
    • Availability: Typically easy to find at most Home Depot locations.
  • Penske Trucks: Home Depot has partnered with Penske to offer a wider selection of moving trucks. Penske trucks range in size from small 12-footers suitable for a one-bedroom apartment move to large 26-foot trucks that can handle a whole house. Keep in mind that Penske rentals:
    • Vary in cost: Prices depend on the truck size, rental duration, and distance traveled.
    • May require reservation: Especially for larger trucks or during peak moving seasons.
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Choosing the Right Truck

The best truck for your needs depends on what you’re hauling. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Small loads or short trips: Consider the Load ‘N Go pickup truck or cargo van.
  • Moving a one or two-room apartment: A 12′ or 16′ Penske truck should suffice.
  • Moving a house or larger apartment: Opt for a Penske truck in the 22′ to 26′ range.
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Tips for a Smooth Rental

  • Book in advance, especially for Penske trucks and during peak seasons.
  • Double-check the weight capacity of the truck to ensure it can handle your load.
  • Load the truck strategically, placing heavier items towards the front for better handling.
  • Purchase moving supplies like straps, furniture pads, and a dolly to make loading and unloading easier.
  • Return the truck with a full tank of gas, as required by Home Depot.
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By following these tips, Home Depot truck rental can be a cost-effective and convenient way to get your hauling jobs done.

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