Morgan & Morgan: From Personal Injury Giant to Full-Service Legal Powerhouse

Morgan & Morgan: From Personal Injury Giant to Full-Service Legal Powerhouse

Morgan & Morgan, a name synonymous with personal injury commercials featuring founder John Morgan himself, has evolved into a much larger legal entity. Founded in 1988, the firm has grown from its Florida roots to become a nationwide presence with over 1,000 attorneys across 50 states and Washington D.C.

Early Days and Personal Injury Focus

John Morgan, along with partners Stewart Colling and Ron Gilbert, established the firm in Orlando, Florida. Initially, they concentrated on personal injury, medical malpractice, and class-action lawsuits. This focus, coupled with a strategic use of television advertising, helped propel Morgan & Morgan to prominence.

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Expansion and Rebranding

By 2005, John Morgan had bought out his partners and rebranded the firm as solely “Morgan & Morgan,” adding his wife Ultima as a partner. This period also saw a significant expansion, with offices opening across the United States. While personal injury remains a core practice area, the firm has diversified its legal services.

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A Full-Service Law Firm

Today, Morgan & Morgan offers a wide range of legal expertise beyond personal injury. Their practice areas now encompass everything from corporate law and intellectual property to real estate and estate planning. This comprehensive approach caters to a broader clientele, including individuals, businesses, and government agencies.

Looking Ahead

Morgan & Morgan’s future seems bright. With a vast network of attorneys and a growing reputation in various legal fields, the firm is well-positioned to address the diverse legal needs of its clients. Whether you require help with a personal injury case or navigating complex corporate matters, Morgan & Morgan presents itself as a one-stop shop for legal services.

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Additional Points of Interest

  • The firm boasts a record of recovering over $20 billion for clients over the years.
  • John Morgan himself is a recognizable figure due to his frequent appearances in the firm’s television commercials.
  • It’s important to note that there is also a separate Panamanian law firm named Morgan & Morgan, specializing in corporate and commercial law.

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